About Abby

Abigail Church is an 19-year-old self taught artist from Tampa, Florida. She began doodling and drawing the moment that she could hold a crayon. Abby started creating intricate and personal cards for birthdays and holidays at a young age and even (unknowingly) created her own logo when she was 14. Thanks to her close family and friends, that very logo became synonymous with the pseudonym Batsnail. Abby found every opportunity in her daily life to pursue her passion for art and gradually grew her skills further. In recent years, her art has improved and expanded from only drawings and cards, to portraiture, illustration, lettering and calligraphy, digital art, d├ęcor, and most recently: Pysanky. Upon her graduation from high school, Abby decided to pursue her talent and launch a side-business for her art. She hopes to gradually establish that business over the next few years and possibly attend an art school.